I UN followed almost all of the people I was following on twitter, so they’re slowly UN following me back. The reason I did that is, because I kept tweeting about a human service organization that feeds people in need and now needs help to keep their doors open. Well not one of my twitter followers re tweeted this. Why follow people that aren’t reading my tweets? I now follow the people that support my writing and a few others. I also find it hypocritical when I’m reading many of the people that I follow tweet all of these preachy quotes, but they’re not re tweeting a tweet that could really help a lot of people.

The fact is that no one should follow me on twitter if they don’t have a heart for the mentally ill / homeless. If they see a tweet about an organization that feeds the homeless and can’t keep its doors open without donations, but feel no desire to re tweet it then that is a person that should not be following me on twitter. You only need to look at my about me page and know that!!!

I’m no saint. I don’t feel I’ve done enough myself to help. I beat myself up every day for not being able to help my own dad, or control him when he was out there. I do try to use my writing to help. My goal is to sell my screenplay, so proceeds will help the mentally ill/homeless. I once shared my entire story on MTV News Unfiltered hoping people could see my dad was a working class man that lost it all only to become one of America’s mentally ill / homeless, and his daughter couldn’t control him. It was very painful, lonely, and still no one helped me to help him. I hope in the future people will RT tweets- letting people know of organizations helping the poor. The internet is a big place and that one re tweet could reach the right person that could help.


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