The University of Phoenix Does Not Give An Assessment Test. You might go into debt and leave with NO Degree!!!

I enrolled with The University of Phoenix thinking that I was going to get a college degree and make a better life for myself. It really looked like the right idea at first. The Academic Counselor knew that I was horrible at Algebra, so they pushed my Algebra classes to the very end. They allowed me to go into financial debt knowing I had issues with Algebra.

Now, I really didn’t even know what an assessment test was when I enrolled, but after nearly over two years of college and getting ready to graduate—- except for the fact that I could not pass Algebra, I started to research! If they gave me an assessment test first they would have spared me from going into dept. They could have prepared me, etc.!

In any case, the University of Phoenix now wants to charge me for the classes that I could not pass even though I am in like $20,000.00 debt for attempting to get my associates degree which I could not finish, because I could not pass algebra. Now let me remind you that I have never taken Algebra before. With this college, you basically teach yourself in their on-line environment. Even in the workshop, you teach yourself! A person that has never seen Algebra before does NOT have a chance at the University of Phoenix!!!

When I first enrolled with this college, they did everything they could to please me. They suggested that I drop classes when I wasn’t passing them and now they’re charging me for them. It is all about money to this college. When I started, they just wanted to keep me in the college so they got paid!

I put a complaint in about them charging me for classes that my counselor suggested I drop and classes I couldn’t pass. They said I owe it. I owe so much money already; I feel like to charge a student for classes an academic counselor suggests they drop and ones they can’t pass is wrong!

Honestly, this just isn’t a good college anyway. Algebra needs to be taught as a webinar class for students that have never seen Algebra before. I suggested that to them and they didn’t even reply! In a webinar class- the class would be on cam, so students can ask questions and interact with the teacher, etc. As it stands now in a class at the university of phoenix you will post in an online class room and if you’re lucky you will get a reply from the teacher. You will read on your own, watch videos, and yes you can get a tutor. However when you have NEVER done algebra this is not good enough. You go into debt, could be punished for not passing, because this college is not good enough! Trust me, go to a walk on college campus, or these online colleges better start teaching with a webinar classroom setting and stop blaming the student for not learning.


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