Dear Writer,

My name is Stephanie and I’m a writer. I might not always be the best writer, but I’m a writer. You might be a writer also. I find many, but not all writers to be the most arrogant creatures God ever created. The rest of us so called writers can’t let those writers make us put our pens down!

I started out writing poetry to survive. My father was a schizophrenic, so if I didn’t write poetry I would have blown my brains all over the place. It was very therapeutic to write. It saved my life during my teenage years, throughout my twenties, and even thirties.

I finally completed the screenplay about my father’s life (Daughter of a Rogue) in my thirties. I found that I like writing them. I liked writing horror! There was something healing about making all of my villains a female and I loved it.

Well now I’m writing these goofy little short stories. They need work, but at least I’m writing. I’ll get back to the screenplays again soon. As for the poetry, I’ve always said the poem is an entity all of its own and can’t be forced.
Keep writing!!


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    kjpgarcia said,

    I feel for you. My dad was schizophrenic also.

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