The Timeless Poet by Stephanie Lynn Hilpert

The Timeless Poet
by Stephanie Lynn Hilpert

The Timeless Poet

The poet brushes up against time like a leaf brushing against the wind. We understand the timeless word like self since that’s exactly what it is.This timeless drop of self-forms like dew on the paper.

Time is my favorite subject to write about since it engulfs us and forces us to grow spiritually, but time can also tear. Time could be compared to God and maybe we should pray for her mercy before there is yet another Edgar Allan Poe born to the heartless mother of solitude, writing one masterpiece after another, timeless like the eternal flame of poetry, alone like the heart of the timeless poet.

Should we allow time to be the hand that writes our poems, or is there a choice? Time is an overbearing and controlling mother that hovers over everything we do. Some of us are too close to time while others are lucky enough to be closer to life.

The timeless poet often reaches up from the depths of hell with burning arms that grab for the peace that only poetry can offer the restless spirit, but this poet can never really grasp the peace that he or she longs for like prayer, God, and life.

Raw poetry speaks to us like the meat it is. We tear into the core of the flesh and chew, but the poet often stands slaughtered to sustain the life of the reader. Not all poets dwell in the murky waters of their misery, but the best poets and writers have been acquainted with pain at one time or another. They know how to bleed words from deep gashes and wounds in the spirit. As I’ve said before, “the best poems are bled not written.”

This is just a personal opinion, but I find it funny when an editor says they don’t want self-indulgent poetry. Maybe I should figure out what the pope is feeling and write about it. Emily Dickinson only had about 10 poems published while she was alive. Does this tell you anything about editors and publishers? You should tear open your gut and let it spill all over the place, so the reader can pick and probe through it.

Write your poem like it’s going to be the last thing you’re going to say, write for yourself, and never give up your truth for what scholars say is REAL poetry.

May the hidden and timeless poet from within find a peep hole to peek through – out of your poetry!

© 2009 by Stephanie Lynn Hilpert
all rights reserved.


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